Saturday, October 11, 2008

Rain drips off of the awning... distorts all four chords...

And I'm not distorting how I feel inside...

Separate Cars.mp3

It's coming up to two years now... The Last Tour. I knew it would be my last tour even before I had even set off for this Great Land. And as the autumn air finally sets into LA, I've been thinking a lot about those five weeks (or was it six)? It left me with permanent battle wounds; life has been surreal since then, lucid but surreal. Touring N.A. is tiring, it leaves you hard-bitten. So much that an European tour was canceled last minute due to exhaustion; I just couldn't be bothered regardless of how much better it was going to be... or how amazing Scandinavia was going to be!

But now there is only nostalgia. And I'm really proud of this song. It's one of the best songs the band has ever done. It really encapsulates that time and the band as a whole (bittersweet as it may be now): he and I, our history, its presentness (even now in small but important ways), LA, our musical references, our production inclinations, the instrumentation, my best playing yet I think... I remember recording my Mellotron, Rhodes & organ parts that winter night, I was having a hard time and couldn't get them the way I wanted them to be; it was several takes too many. But it sounds almost decent right now.

[Normally, as a rule, I would never put something like this up on my blog but I'm compelled to tonight and I mean in it in the most sincere way.]