Monday, October 20, 2008

The Silent Ceremony

I had the privilege of attending Jonas + Katherine's wedding. It was a silent ceremony. The sweet smell of sage lingered throughout that windy night in the hills of Echo Park and captured everyone's hearts. Such tenderness, such fire, I was overcome with emotion, how could I deny something so pure even in my current state... as the Gay Divorcée?

A Silent Ceremony but not a Quaker Ceremony. C'mon now, we are in California, not Pennsylvania.

Michael made the gorgeous flower arrangements of course. He never fails to amaze me.

It was pleasant catching up with former colleagues of mine. It's been an entire month now!

Kids just don't get it these days (as lovely as they are). Alex & Andrew, a bit bewildered with the setup but they got it together just in time...

Jane, my favorite actress. Me, as her adoring fan bordering on the obsessive (though I'm really her "unofficial" manager). She's gonna be massive I tell you. Just massive. A natural talent, a superstar!

The gay toast!