Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How well do you know Owley Patrol?

What a fulfilling evening I had last night. I spent two hours making this quiz on facebook. It would have taken an hour but fb had technical issues and I had to do it again (again). If you're a fan, you should get at least a C. There are some trick questions and this will test your online research skills.

But if you're a true Owley Patrol devotee, a perfect score will be a breeze and you will be rewarded with a very special gift from me. x


1) Where does the title Owley Patrol come from?
a) An Asian girl blog dog.
b) An Asian girl with oversized glasses.
c) An Asian girl who likes to climb trees.
d) An Asian girl who likes reality TV.
e) An Asian girl bird watcher.

2) Which is not a nickname that appears on Owley Patrol?
a) Wiggles
b) Mr. Bickerson
c) Yorkshire Pudding
d) Daddy D
e) Easy

3) Which French chanteuse has not appeared on Owley Patrol?
a) Jane Birkin
b) France Gall
c) Brigitte Fontaine
d) Claudine Longet
e) Anna Karina

4) Which animal has Owley Patrol never eaten?
a) Dog
b) Cat
c) Frog
d) Turtle
e) Horse

5) Who is the author of "Seasonal Blues," a favorite on Owley Patrol?
a) Yoko Ono
b) Linda Thompson
c) Jackie DeShannon
d) Dory Previn
e) Laurie Styvers

6) What does FFC stand for on Owley Patrol?
a) Fulham Football Club
b) Failure to Fully Comply
c) Fat Fucking Cunts
d) Fall Fitness Cat
e) None of the Above

7) Which museum has Owley Patrol never visited?
a) The Cold War Museum, Washington DC
b) Imperial War Museum, London
c) War Crimes Museum, Saigon
d) Anti-War Museum, Berlin
e) Musee de l'Armee, Paris

8) Which sporting event has Owley Patrol never attended?
a) PGA
b) MLB
c) NBA
d) Barclays Premier League
e) NFL

9) What word is used the most on Owley Patrol?
a) Sick
b) Awesome
c) Peace
d) Wicked
e) Hella

10) Which best describes Owley Patrol?
a) Bossy
b) Dilettante
c) Judgmental
d) Hypocritical
e) All of the Above