Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Show + Tell

Someone told me yesterday that I act like an 8th grader when I'm with my girlfriends. Well, that's debatable but since it was my birthday week, I was thinking it was acceptable to act as troublesome and adorable more than ever. Afterall, I'm at a tender age now. I didn't have any plans this year; I was just too busy playing with my new toy* to bother. But as it turned out, it was rather awesome. I would rate this week a 9.75 out of 10. (Striving for perfection is motivating, not demoralizing).

There were so many amazing things that made it almost perfect: having the pleasure of working all week with a fellow NY LOS; having another fellow NY LOS surprise me with her elegant presence; gorging on the delicious cakes and cupcakes; the massive golden letter balloons spelling out my name; and dancing with other 8th graders.

This was my week.

There were the last few rehearsals with the band before the show with those Scots.

My beloved Wurly. One of its legs broke. It's been too settled at home these past couple of years and has lost its strength (but not its muscle tone). All fixed (for now).

C'est moi. Roland, the preferred sound for my instruments.

Pre-show Shambhala mediation led by Tsering Rangjung. The only follower: Mr. Bickerson.

His expression, "oy vey."

And THE GIFT. The best gift that could of happened right now.

His show was the same night as mine. I have come to accept that I will never get to see Destroyer live. But by some random chance, there was this most special encounter with this lyrical genius. Mr. Bickerson was there too! He said to him that he was partly responsible for our divorce. I continued with the fan attack by adding that we had listened to Destroyer's Rubies every day on that Last Tour. Then when we got home, we broke up. He was impressed. I spasmodically announced that I would come out of retirement only if his band and mine are to do an European only tour. He agreed. So there you have it. And now I'm listening to Strawberry Wine for the 131st time.

And the festivities ended with a trio birthday POTluck dinner party avec Hannah + Alex...

From the one who inspired this blog. Third year in a row. The best arrangement so far. I hope it never ends.

*All these pics are taken from my new Leica D-Lux 4 camera which my dear sister and lovely friends generously gave me. What a wonderful gift, what a perfect gift. I guess they really want my blog to improve...