Thursday, May 07, 2009

Ready 4 my house

I had a rather amazing morning a couple of Sundays ago until it all went shit in the afternoon due to the band. But let's reminisce only about the good things in life:

First things first, Intelligentsia au lait was to be had.

Then right to the highlight of the day, R4TH's yard sale. At his last one, I scored the perfect wool navy coat by APC. Now I have three fine things from him. Il a le goût sublime. Merci beaucoup.

This is the second. Made in Norway. The record caddy made by the much coveted Bruksbo.

And the third, the perfect yellow stripe men's silk shirt. As he describes it, "beach clown lemone."

via (R4TH)

Do I need anymore vintage Ray-bans?

The undeniable spools of California color.

From the Farmers Market to...

... my house.