Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ireland's favorite airline

Damn you Aer Lingus. I was delayed both ways each time. Kev said this always happens; flights to/from Dublin/Heathrow are not top priority so delays are commonplace. Getting there an hour later was okay but it was hectic returning to London two hours late for a delicious home cook meal back in Hoxton, Irish fish pie with fennel salad. It was prolly the best real meal I had all that week. Oh Dublin, I'm kinda glad I just stayed the time I did... Book of Kells was disappointing though the library upstairs was like out of a Harry Potter set (awesome), Grafton Street had some pretty good finds and that Indie rock chick DJ played some really good tunes at one of the countless bars I went to that night. If I had stayed any longer, Wax would of gotten me addicted to vodka and Red Bull even though I had protested that I just preferred Guinness.

Thanks Conor for your comfy room/sweet pad. The river view was quite nice.

Wax treated me & Kev to a nice home cook Indian meal. Yummy.

Wax with his beloved 30 year old Kobo family parrot who is one of the smartest pets I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. I loved the way Kobo said goodbye to us as we made our way out for the night.

And so it goes... The view from the Guinness factory.