Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Total afflatus

I don't know what else I can say about London. I love my English friends... truly truly inspirational folks. When I am with them, it's like listening to devotional music.

Maria took us to Story, a special shop on a small street off Brick Lane where we both got the loveliest ceramic tealight candle holders in the shape of roses.

Paul & Sorrel, the gentlest, sweetest couple.

My all-time faves... J&J, here across from Regent's Canal having their veggie breakfast. You just get it all, don't you Jeremy? You are pastels, stripes, solids, cotton, creamy, clear, sweet, salty, nutty and so much more!

Cary. Cary. Cary. When Cary cuts my hair, it's like a love affair... He gave me a fringe (a Penelope Tree fringe!) at the bookshop within the gallery. I'm into it; I feel a bit goth with so much hair now it seems. Then he gave Conor (another Irishman!) a trim. Cary's quite good you know.

Al & Mel. Your performance was as tender and heartbreaking as ever.

Victor and Eva, my beloved cousins dancing on a hot day in Greenwich Park.

And the highlight... I got to meet one of my heroes, Kevin Shields... We clicked, I'm sure of it. This photo is pretty ultimate; J's in the background on the left and Gtr Hero is on the back right (song failed! and on easy too!) Thanks Schwartz for the introduction. I really appreciate it.