Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The London Everyone Should Know...

I finally got around watching the dvd I bought at RT East the other night, "The London Nobody Knows," a documentary narrated by the ever so witty, elegant and gorgeous James Mason as he meanders through London's more slovenly and janky locations circa 1967. The whole thing is pretty heartbreaking, like the boy at the end who has tears down his cheeks but he starts beaming. Everyone should see this.

Bob Stanley's write-up of this documentary in the Guardian sums it all, "There is romance and adventure, but mostly there is malnourishment. London looks like a shithole."

But this shithole of a town is as inspiring and beautiful today as it was back then. It's the shit.

The Hoxton trees I loved looking at everyday.

Had the best breakfast down the street at the Cottage Cafe. Everything here was delicious, esp. the bubble and black pudding.

Maria's "new" mini. She knows how I loved getting chauffeured around town.

Fournier Street. Just watch the documentary and you'll know what I'm talking about.

Another fancy dinner. My first time at Rivington. I ordered suckling pig, Lacenaire ordered scallops but I actually had both! And the thing about that week were the chips. I think I ate chips everyday while I was in London. Now I'm on a diet.

This is what I love about London.

This too.

This was posted in front of Joiners Arms on my first night. So polite right?

I followed this girl for 2 minutes from the Old Street Tube stop. This just doesn't happen in America: a hot stylish girl with a beer casually walking on the street, minding her own business, just chilling. I was really crushing on her.

While describing my epicurean delicacies during my week in the UK to new friend Ian, he gasped when I told him my love for St. John. He said it was a vile place and that my week was full of hoity toity art & music piss. He's right. It was... kinda like this blog.