Friday, September 12, 2008

Acid Tongue

Last night snapped me out of my post-holiday blues and waning appreciation for a town I affectionately call home. This past summer had been rough, I'd go as far as to say it was prolly my worst (okay maybe top 5). And the weather didn't help at all; it was likely the cause of it. Everyday was perfect; just perfect sunshine. Life is so awesome in LA.

Someone recently tried to stereotype me as this typical California Girl. I think I know what he's referring to but seriously, I think I'm more than just that! Don't pigeonhole me with the likes of Paris Hilton and her bffs! No way! But I do agree that we are of a special breed; that is a given.

So Jenny Lewis premiered songs from her new record last night at Spaceland. Being there felt right; Lewis and band sounded amazing (Farmer Dave looked especially fit!) and saw loads of old friends I haven't seen altogether in a long long time. I like music. I like my friends. And lately, there's an alarming fancy for gin & tonic.