Sunday, September 21, 2008

It's All About The Bird

I can't believe I'm finally transferring my infatuation of my daily obligatory listening of "Jens Lekman" to old Richard Ashcroft... the Ex gave me the new Verve last weekend (I'm really trying to let it grow on me...) but it pales in comparison to good old solo Richard... my guilty pleasure... something old, something warm, something familiar, something sweet (with a touch of bitter), something basic and true. It's all here for you...

A Song for Lovers
You On My Mind In My Sleep
(Could Be) A Country Thing, City Thing, Blues Thing

And the soundtrack goes well with Hilary (with Marcel, her beloved parrot) who's been in town for the last couple weeks from NY. We get along well... breakfast, lunch, dinner, nightcap, hike, bbm... it's fun having her back for a bit.

And all the old stuff I've been into these days... well it was a must to experience Spz and Nick Cave at the Bowl this past week. First time seeing Mr. Cave and he is a lot of man. Pure, raw, virile, it was almost too much for someone like me. I was in tears when he played "Into My Arms." And then....

Legions of voluptuous ladies were surrounding him but Florian stepped up and made it happen. Mr. Cave even said, "I'll take a photo with this lady." As in moi! I was absolutely mortified. He's a lot of man. Intense.

And now I've had my Spz fix for the year now. Saw them again on Friday at the Echo. I was tripping the entire time about how insanely good it was and the ridiculous fact that they were playing at such a small venue. Intense.