Monday, September 15, 2008

I went to San Francisco and kissed a girl!

The sis told me to come visit her. So I did. Got a last minute flight and spent 36 hours in SF this past weekend. It was good to get away from that perfect town called LA; away from that perfect sun and perfect life. I wanted to feel that chilly fog roll in...

Did my usual thing that I generally do when I visit SF: see old friends, shop at the Painted Bird, eat yummy food, relax... oh and btw, I've been a Pescatarian for 8 days now! A first in my life. Since LA is so easy, I have to challenge myself in creative ways so this is a month-long self-imposed diet for me. Been eating way too much meat anyways. But I still love pork, let's not forget about that.

The view from my sister's in Twin Peaks. Never gets old...

We met up with Lily Saturday morning at the Ferry Blding. I can see why it's considered the best farmer's market in the nation. Everything looked ridiculous. But I think Borough Market in London is slightly more comprehensive.

Will met Jim & I at Dolores Park (my old hood!) with his brand new customized "sexy" bike. I don't know if it's sexy but it's a good color, nice lines. Been thinking of getting the old cruiser I found in front of my old house last year fixed and riding it around the lake and the local Asian market this fall. Isn't there a bike movement in this country?

Cuties Jason & Jim

Flew back and made it just in time for the opening of Viet Noodle Bar's expansion. Bun was there which was a treat for me. She's pretty inspirational. And well there's Viet... there is not enough words to describe how amazing he is... Just go to his restaurant please.