Saturday, December 13, 2008


After our "conflicting" events last night, I met up with Wiggles and we did some OTPing at Art Center's MFA thesis show reception. Maybe it was the tequila mixed with Red Bull mixed with some Stoli mixed with water but we were a bit stunned by what we saw. It wasn't even 4am at Sway on a Sunday! It was barely midnight in the parking lot of the school! Straight (it was obvs after speaking to them) skinny cute art boys just loving each other and singing along to Rihanna and Lil' Wayne. We left... Obviously, our attendance was not needed.

This entry is dedicated to Alexi's compelling Boys Boys Boys blog. Don't be fooled by the overall apparent message, dig a bit deeper and you'll see how amazing it truly is... What I'm taking from it is that it's okay to be a bit bloated (just don't be thick) and make-up is not required. These are transparent and illusory; they are expected social mores. Socially driven dudes (gosh they are just everywhere in LA) will fall for it, even think it's required! BUT all it takes is a bit of wit, charm and having an awesome blog...