Monday, December 08, 2008

Trimming the Tree

What was supposed to be just a simple tree turned out lovelier than expected! Color Scribble & Shades came over for a 3.5-course dinner last night and started putting the nicknacks from my living room onto my tree! Finally, they've come to some use! It was all good last night; so many good compliments, erm... wow... "you're so domestic," "you're a good egg, definitely not a scrambled one," and my favorite, "you should be a housewife!" Yes I was once (albeit brief)! I've had some proper practice though I'm a bit rusty these days being single and all (always A+ still you know, that's the A in me)... And 3 bottles of wine later, I handsomely won Scrabble!

The Muslim prayer clock TED got for me last year from Morocco.

Clockwise (from the bottom left): the Japanese bird Jenny got for me for my bday this past year, the man in a white dishdasha with his national symbol, the falcon which I got when I was in Dubai a few years ago (unfortunately you can barely see this), the Catalina Island horse YP gave me when we went there last year, the fat red-suited man bearing gifts the first Ex gave me when he returned from Columbia and of course, the beloved golden Lucky Cat from Little Saigon. Isn't this a handsome tree?

And how appropriate is this? The wooden Buddha Witty got for me from Thailand and my lucky egg from Romania!