Monday, December 01, 2008

On Cyber Monday, my true love gave to me...

It's been years, but I felt like getting a tree this year. I no longer have any ornaments but I made do with these red bows. Looking at it makes me feel good and ready to bake some gingerbread cookies for my neighbor. A lovely phone call from a lovelier friend called it "nostalgic."

May I suggest listening to Belle & Sebastian's The BBC Sessions while decorating your tree? No Christmas songs please... Not yet anyways... Thanks to ds for the tracks; I can't stop listening to these versions.

The best lines from "Lazy Jane" - (try staying still to this song, you just can't... I love Belle & Sebastian so much.)
"Boo to the business world!
You know a girl who's tax free on her back and making
Plenty cash
While you are working for the joy of giving"

Now I can checkout all my online shopping items... especially this precious item... I can't wait to get this all the way from Glasgow.