Monday, September 03, 2007

The Arrondissement (Pt. 2)

I love my hotel, Hotel du Petit Moulin. This 17th century building, once a boulangerie where Victor Hugo used to patronize, was recently redesigned by fellow Marais neighbor, Christian Lacroix. It was just perfect; so whimsical, over the top and still refined.

View from my room.

View of the street.

I love red doors. Especially ones that are slightly opened. Makes you just curious as to what's behind them.

A digestif of absinthe after a delicious meal at Chez Janou. You can almost never have a bad meal in Paris. Almost Never.

An absolute gem. You have old records, very old manuscripts, very very old posters, ancient periodicals, books and books and books... I usually get "mental" hives in a place this dusty but I didn't mind it here... So many precious treasures. It's major.

Delicious petit déjeuner each morning. I tend to drink just tea but since I was in Paris (when in Rome, ya'll know), I was downing coffee like it was water (avec gas s'il vous plaît), and then I had to stop cuz' I endured a bad case of insomnia/jet lag for a night and that is never a good thing at all.

I go here every time I'm in Paris. Somehow, the queue was too much of a bore for my appetite this time around. I opted for tea at Mariage Frères instead!

I want to eat this. I want to know what this tastes like. Anyone who knows, please invite me over for dinner and I'll bring dessert!

There were like 7 different types of pâté, 30 kinds of cheeses, 20 kinds of cuts, 10 kinds of desserts. This is heaven to me.

Et mais oui, the perfect French shop, APC, which was just right around the corner from the hotel.

The oldest square in Paris, Place des Vosges.


On my last night, I dined at Robert et Louise. Let's just say this made my trip magical when it was already perfect.