Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I traveled to Broadwoodwidger for Jeremy and Jamie's weekend nuptials. The special occasion was held at the latter's parents' farm, Orchard Cottage, in West Devon. I wasn't planning to vacation in England this year (I was thinking somewhere more exotic) but how could I miss out on this rarity of events? I mean I was there when they first met 11 years at Pop Stars in London. And they are still together after all these years, stronger and more in love than ever. That's almost unheard of these days! It turned out to be more captivating than anywhere I could of imagined going this year. Broadwoodwidger is a special place.

The blissed out couple

This is what it looks like in the morning as the sun melts the dew off the cobwebs, leaves and grass. At Orchard Cottage, there are chickens (they are used to produce eggs and are not slaughtered), a cat named Bramble, a rose and herb garden, a polyvinyl orangery, and a yurt where warm times are to be had at night (and they were). Orchard Cottage is a bountiful piece of land filled with every imaginable fruit and vegetable. You tune into nature's sounds and you know you're living the Good Life. Yes it does sound very hippie and I of all people should be suspect, but you can't deny how this is way better than your city life.

The upstairs view of the mysterious wilds of neighboring Dartmoor.

The first night was "Dad Night" with both barbecuing all sorts of delicious locally produced meats and the veggies were from the farm. On the left is the outdoor clay oven Jamie's Dad, Clive, built using materials from the surrounding lands. Homemade focaccia bread was made in that oven. Yum yum, piggy's bum.

With Jeremy breathing the fresh country air. It's hard to even try to explain how exquisite this all was; it was simply awe-inspiring. I mean there were fireworks at the night of the reception. Fireworks! J & J said they've never seen fireworks in this part of the country during their sojourn. It was just magic.

This is what it looks like at night. I've never seen stars like this before. Felt like the world was so small and I could just grab them if I reached just a little higher.

During the faery hunt, I repeatedly got stung by a nettle and it really did sting! Richard, Jamie's half-brother, found me a doc leaf, made me spit on it and rub it on as the antidote. Oh the country life! And on the train ride, Mark pointed at the chalk figure of white horses on the hills. We're in the country now.

I met a new friend there, Matt Wolf. What a charmer. We both commented how we felt we had traveled back to time, to the sixties, 1967 to be precise, the "Summer of Love."

Jamie tending the fire in the yurt.

Clive, made his own brew (COB) for the wedding. Yummy.

I've only played croquet once in my life... at least 10 years ago, at the very least... Everyone was playing and because I'm very adept when it comes to sports, I basically won all the games I played that weekend and was crowned Champion of the 2007 Orchard Cottage Croquet Tournament.

Lucy and Jenny, the flower girls

By honoring this special day, J & J planted a young walnut tree during the ceremony. Jeremy's mum gave a beautiful speech which left everyone teary-eyed. It's a lovely and powerful symbol of their love, a living, growing thing that will last forever.

The wedding party