Saturday, September 08, 2007

The West Coast

My holiday continued to the UK. Met up with Ian in Uxbridge and he drove us to the west coast of England to his flat in Newquay, "The Surfing Capital of Britain." Coming from the West Coast myself, I was so excited about going to another West Coast. Yes! Sea, Sun, Sand!

Ian took the M3 route so we could make a short stop to Stonehenge as I've never been before (oh, what a sweetheart). The audio guide was the best thing about it; super corny but très educational. I learned that Stonehenge is a calendar.

Just b e a u t i f u l. I bought the California sunshine to Cornwall... in fact, my entire trip was sunny which was a rare thing my friends were telling me.

The downtown part of Newquay reminds me of my old hometown, Huntington Beach (before it got developed and became what it is now). It still has that small beach town feel, a bit bedraggled from the sea air which kinda just enchants you to want to stay for a little while.

Just g o r g e o u s. Fistral Beach. Sadly no waves.

Met up with some lovely folk at a proper local bar. They are living the life; breathing the sea air, surfing, just enjoying life. Al showed me how to prepare the Newquay cocktail mix. Yum yum, piggy's bum.

The next morning, Ian drove us to St. Ives (or Stives as some may call it) to see the Brian Wilson exhibit, "If Everybody had an Ocean," at the Tate. Again, the weather was insanely perfect. I was truly blessed.

On the rooftop of the Tate. This was probably my favorite part of the visit. Just having a snack with a friend and looking out at the clear blue ocean.

And within 15 minutes, the fog rolled in. But it gloriously cleared again as I made my way to Broadwoodwidger, the main reason why I traveled to Europe in the first place.

As I took the Western Greyhound to where I needed to go to, I listened to Ian's band, a warm adieu to the Wild West Country. I'm definitely coming back.

The Loose Salute's "The Mutineer.mp3"