Saturday, September 01, 2007

The First Night (Pt. 1)

Mike took me on his velo to Chez Omar for some delicious couscous. The lamb and beef were super juicy and tasty. Just super.

We rode by Café La Perle but I couldn't deal with how many fashionistas there were on the sidewalk. I guess when the weather's this good, you gotta enjoy it while you still can.

We ended up at Café Pop In and met these nice and friendly young French boys who took a liking to us as we spoke English; well I speak American which is an entirely different language but I had them fooled!

*I know they may look like they are fashionistas (see second pic) but they're more like indie kids which is why I spoke to them. When they heard CSS playing downstairs, they and their friends freaked out and ran downstairs to dance. That was a sign for us to make our exit...