Friday, April 17, 2009


The thing I loved the most about Copenhagen wasn't the endless supply of gorgeous Nordic girls + boys on their fancy bikes nor the feeling of hygge that's inherent in this super polished city but of Humlebæk, where the Louisiana Museum resides, just north of the city. Set against the whispering Øresund sea, it was the most elegant museum experience I've ever had. A lot of my friends who've been to CPH hadn't heard or been to the Louisiana which is a shame really. The name of the museum derives from the first owner of the property, Alexander Brun, who named the villa after his three wives, each with the name of Louise. Isn't that just sorta awesome?

And many thanks to Lasse who showed us how well the Danes eat.

Bourgeois nipples

Max Ernst inspired color filters

* not my pic (mine couldn't match this)

* neither is this

Hooked. I need to see the sea every time I go anywhere.

The pride of Denmark.

My favorite memory of Copenhagen? Losing every single time to foosball (or as some might say "table football") while drinking the local brew and listening to Jens Lekman at the local bar around the corner from the hotel. It's not that I didn't try to win, it's just I can't win at everything.