Thursday, April 30, 2009

Memorable Moments

My ears are fried.

Tonight was my first band practice since I left in 2006. It feels right to do this now (and the right opportunity presented itself). Apparently, Mr. Bickerson referred to the band as the new Fleetwood Mac on Twitter today (pas autographes SVP). Then this past weekend, I had a fit over something really trivial which made me wonder if I could even do this again. After the tantrum (it's healthy to have one per season), where the bad moments came back all at once (we're not playing Memorial Moments if anyone is remotely interested), I realized how that's the past and that I just need to chill and have a good time which is what generally happens when I play music. And yes, it was so much fun. So yeah, a few more rehearsals and we should be alright. Two new songs, all the old hits... the makings of a good show...

* Excluding myself (I'm not really back, this is just for a one-time show), this band is quite tall, averaging a 6.26' height. Somehow, it was really obvious tonite.