Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ways of Seeing

Overlooking the Øresund at the Louisiana Museum.

I've been back almost a week now but my perspective has changed. This always naturally happens when I go elsewhere but I'm feeling like a stranger in my hometown now, it's pleasantly unsettling. Maybe it's the nasty cold I got right when I returned, footnoted with the jet lag, but I feel quite trippy even in this soberest state.

I saw new colors, learned new words, heard new melodies, and felt a new breeze pass through me. The mental vistas have been obscured; everything is out of context now. It's been confirmed, LA is boring.

Another world... as I wait for the Paris train to CDG.

The enchanting train ride to the Louisiana.

"Suns rise and suns go down again" - the Hoxton sunset on Pitfield Street.