Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's Holy Shit

I worry about the wrong things, the wrong things...

Let's worry about the right things... Matt Fishbeck. Holy Shit. It's the real shit. Was I 12 and you 11 when when we first met? Was it me who introduced you to your first love? Remember Main St? Remember MEAN?

Lovely Hedi gave this to me the other night. It's Gloria's new Fake Real, Issue #4. It's all about Matt Fishbeck and his Holy Shit. I can't dismiss this so easily. I thought it would be fueled by something more synthetic (homemade in the garage) but it's completely pure, like "Crystal Canyons." It's substantial, almost unprintable within this doltish realm. There's no hidden agenda here...

So I was flipping through it this evening and saw a lot of familiar faces and words, some warm, some cold but all important. It's about the Omnichord (Matt, shall we do a duet?), Los Angeles ("there's no jock/artist divide"), lazy journalism, Little Joy Jr, Felt(!), Tartarex (the Prodigal Son has returned from London... but more on this later as The Summer Hits), boyfriends, Ariel, girlfriends, Maus, the Bubonic Plague, Harry Merry, Fast Friends, Tiny Creatures, Stranded at Two Harbors, even Mr. Bickerson has something on Fanuelle! But Matt, where was I in all of this? Where? Where was my part? I'm a bit remissed about it now. Oh right, I had declined due to dementia praecox of a broken heart. My apologies. I'm better now. Tiptop. So's you too I hear!

I have copy #116 out of 500. I highly suggest you invest in this. Any doubts? Consider these first:
"Maus is Missing"
"Written All Over Your Face"
"Rough & Tumble" (new)

and these...

matt fishbeck plays omnichord in a bathroom.