Saturday, January 10, 2009


Two films which kept me company this week:

I revisited Godard's Une femme est une femme. Anna Karina is a goddess. My favorite scene is when Angela and Émile are having a spat and they refuse to speak to each other. They end up communicating by book covers! Genius! Funny! Utterly endearing! This happens in the 6th minute of this youtube video. I love almost everything about this film.

And then there's Kes, a Xmas gift from K & Ol who said that I needed to see this, especially for someone who's a "hardcore Anglophile." Moi, me, quoi? No, I'm a Francophile merci beaucoup. This is possibly one of the best British films I've seen if not ever! The grimmest shades of grey, this is as bleak as one can get but yet there are such funny scenes. I love the football match with Mr. Sugden (what a yorkshire pudding he is!) scene. Man Utd v. Tottenham Hotspur!!! This is a "rare delight" indeed.